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The center of Halabja and anfalization of kurdish people is one of the humanitarian organizations struggling for processing the genocide and anfalization of the kurdish people

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The world was deaf and blind

Directed by Luqman Karim

Most helpless human being in a war time are the children, but when a country is occupied by other countries ALL the people are helpless. In this film, you will see a little about what really has happened in that time in Halabja 1988. When Iraqi government attacked innocent people and killed more than 5000 people in less than a day and left ten of thousands injured or handicapped for life. I hope you find this film very informative. Because the survivors still need medical help.

The world was deaf and blind.. part 1
The world was deaf and blind.. part 2

April 14: The Annual Memorial of Anfal Genocide
Kurds are Victims of Iraq’s Post-Saddam Policy

14 April 2008 marks 20 years of the genocide of Anfal. However, the repercussions of the Anfal genocide still trouble the Kurdish people. Little has been done; many important issues have been forgotten, and furthermore, there are continued injustices, abuses, and offences against the victims of genocide and.....

Iran: Kurdish Teacher Tortured, Sentenced to Death


America Betrays the Kurds - Again

By: Sabah Salih

Ever since the Bush administration surrendered its Iraq policy to the losers of the State Department and Gates and his crew took over the Pentagon, betrayal of the Kurds has been in the offing......

Iraq Gov't Criticizes Turkish Incursion

BAGHDAD: Iraq's government criticized Turkey's ground incursion into northern Iraq targeting Kurdish rebels, saying Saturday that military force won't solve the problem. The country's Kurdish president warned Turkey not to target civilians.....

Kurdish PM: Turkish aggression aims Kurdistan Region, not the PKK

London (KurdishMedia.com) 24 February 2008: The Kurdistan Prime Minister stated that the Turkish aim is to attack the Kurdistan Region’s infrastructure, and not the PKK fighters. Nechirvan Barzani, Kurdistan’s Prime Minister, was talking in a press conference in the Kurdistan Parliament building, Arbil.....

PKK: 47 Turkish soldiers killed :

London (KurdishMedia.com) 24 February 2008: The PKK has killed 47 Turkish soldiers and the body of 15 of them are in their hands, according to a PKK communiqué which was issued on Sunday......

Update of the Turkish incursion to southern Kurdistan

Slopi-Kurdistan (KurdishMedia.com) 23 February 2008: KurdishMedia.com clears some of the confusion surrounding the Turkish incursion of southern Kurdistan. On Friday evening the Turkish military have entered southern Kurdistan’s territory some one or two kilometers. There is no PKK fighters around these areas. However, the PKK has sent some special forces to attack the Turkish army......

Turkish military forces cross Iraqi border resulting in heavy clashes with the PKK, military casualties claimed

The Turkish military has reportedly crossed the border into northern Iraq yesterday morning and engaged PKK forces, in an escalation of sustained Turkish cross-border military operations, bombardments and air raids since October last year.....

KNK media release regarding the Turkish incursion

The Turkish State began an extensive aerial attack in Iraqi Kurdistan on 16th December 2007. The ensuing bombings resulted in the destruction of many settlements and the murder and wounding of many civilians......

Conference: The international legal recognition of crimes of genocide committed against the Kurds

Date: 16 March 2008

Organised by: The Anfal and Halabja Working Group

Anfal and Halabja Working Group (AHWG) cordially invite you to attend its First International Conference on the legal recognition of crimes of genocide committed against the Kurds. This will be held at above venue, on the 16th March 2008. This marks the 20th anniversary of the mass killing of the Kurds in Halabja by the former Iraqi government in 1988......

20 years after Halabja: The series of mass-murders by poison gas stretched over two years and killed 180,000 Iraqi Kurds

By Sissy Danninger

It happened during the first week of May in 1988. In the village of Askar near the banks of the Lesser Zab River a child was ailing. The grandparents decided to take the grandchild with them and to go to see a doctor in the nearby town. They left their village in the morning. Luckily, the medical check did not show anything serious. But the relief gave way to sheer horror when they returned home in the late afternoon........

Int'l Red Cross urges safe haven for Iranian-Kurdish refugees

The international Red Cross on Sunday asked that a safe haven be found for the nearly 200 Iranian-Kurdish refugees stranded in a desert camp between Jordan and Iraq......

Five Months Imprisonment For Kurdish Petition

Publisher Mehdi Tanrikulu has been sentenced to five months imprisonment for writing a petititon in Kurdish and for speaking Kurdish in court. He will appeal against the sentence........

Time for Kurdish Rights

By Martin Zehr

A recent article in the Washington Post entitled “Time for Kurdish Realism” by Michael O’Hanlon and Omer Taspinar presents Kurdish autonomy and the inclusion of the Kirkuk Referendum in the Iraqi Constitution as some sort of sectarian move for power by the Kurdish nation and its peoples.......

Kurdish Party Presents Defense Warns Of Civil War

By Gareth Jenkins

On February 11, the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DPT) presented its initial defense in the case brought before the Turkish Constitutional Court calling for its closure. In its concluding arguments, the DPT warned that, by regarding the Kurdish issue as one of terrorism and using military means to try to suppress it, the Turkish authorities were dragging the country toward a civil war.......

KHRP observes acquittal of Kurdish publisher charged with disseminating separatist propaganda

The Kurdish Human Rights Project today welcomes the formal acquittal of Ahmet Önal, the Kurdish publisher charged with the dissemination of separatist propaganda, during proceedings at Istanbul Heavy Criminal Court Number 11.......

Turkish PM: Turkish schools in Germany, no Kurdish school in Turkey

Society for Threatened Peoples

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayip Erdogan, is calling for schools for Turkish migrants in Germany, but there is not in Turkey one single Kurdish school for a people who were living in the country one thousand years before the settlement by Turks .......

Understanding the Process of the Anfal Campaign

By Chalank Yahya
University College Maastricht, The Netherlands


CHAK statement: We condemn the conduct of security forces towards blockade-breaking journalists

Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

After another patrol of brave journalists yesterday arrived at the towering mountain of Qandil, three of whom were members of CHAK, they returned today passing by the last check-point of security forces of the region in Sangasar area. A number of other journalists were waiting to welcome them back. When the patrol of journalist arrived at the checkpoint, they were attacked by the security forces and a clash between them and the journalists ensued. Five of them were arrested and one of them was beaten......


Vanderbilt University Hosts Iraqi Trial Panel

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The judges who presided over the Anfal genocide proceedings, including the president of the Iraqi High Tribunal and the presiding judge of Trial Chamber II, came to Vanderbilt Law School on Jan. 31 to participate in a panel discussion, which provides analysis of the case. Many survivors of Anfal live in the Nashville area......


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Iraqi PM: If Sultan Hsahim is not executed I shall resign

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Exclusive Awena report: Awena, Sulaymniyah, independent weekly newspaper in Kurdish, 31 January 2008

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has told a Kurdish delegation in Baghdad that Kurdish leaders defend the former Defence Minister Sultan Hashim and has stressed that if Sultan Hashim is not executed he would resign......

Iran executed 5 people in one day

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According to the regional sources, Iran executed five people last Wednesday; they were all accused of political activities.
Iran hanged 298 people in 2007, compared with 177 hangings in 2006. The authorities hanged 13 people on 1st January 2008......


CHAK´s statement on KRG´s genocide conference in Hewler (Arbil)

Holding the conference in this way, by the KRG and under its president, points towards a biased and unprofessional conference in which several topics related to Kurdish genocide would not be touched; the papers would be limited to topics influenced by the KRG’s policy. A conference that set political limits on topics and especially on objective criticism cannot make much of a contribution. This conference should be held by a neutral academic institute in Kurdistan without the political involvement of the KRG, except for financial support.......

Bombing the villagers

Kerim Yildiz
January 23, 2008, Guardian

The bombardments and air raids carried out since mid-October, and most recently on January 11 by the Turkish air force, are only the most recent in a series of coordinated attacks on civilian populations in northern Iraq by both Turkey and Iran since last August.

Kurdish protesters press for release of detained leader

Cyprus Mail - By Stefanos Evripidou

THE INTERIOR Ministry was the scene of multiple demonstrations yesterday as Iranian asylum seekers and Kurdish protestors filled the street outside the main gate with flags and banners. Around 100 Kurds marched from Eleftheria Square to the Interior Ministry calling for the release of their leader Mohammed Ali Ahmad who was being detained in Block 10.......

U.S. Calls on Iran to Account For Kurdish Student's Death

January 23, 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday joined a rights group in calling for a full investigation into the death of a Kurdish law student in Iran after he was detained in the western city of Sanandaj.......

Kurds Face Crossroads In 2008

By: Dr. N. Hawramany

Dec 28, 2007

As we are approaching the end of year 2007 and looking forwards to receive the new year 2008, the Kurds in general and Iraqi Kurds in particular have very little to celebrate about......


Raids across the border

December 22, 2007

Was there a deal between Turkey and America?

AS IF Iraq did not have enough problems of its own. On December 16th Turkish aircraft bombed what they said were Kurdish rebel positions deep inside northern Iraq. It was one of the biggest cross-border air strikes in recent years and was followed by an incursion by about 300 Turkish troops. They were said to be lightly armed, and advanced only 3km (1.9 miles) into Iraq. But the two actions mark a big escalation of the traditional hostilities.......


Kurdish lawmaker slams U.S. over military assistance to Turkey

December 22, 2007

Mahmoud Othman criticized the U.S. policy of providing military assisitance to Turkey.

A Kurdistan Alliance leader criticized on Thursday the U.S. policy of providing military assistance to Turkish troops in their bombing of Kurdistan 'northern Iraqi regions', describing the cooperation as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.......


DTP Vice President Nurettin Demirtas arrested

The DTP Vice President Nurettin Demirtas was arrested two days ago at the Ankara Airport when returning from Europe. Demirtas is accused of having forged documents in order to escape military service in Turkey. It is expected that Demirtas will be transferred to a military service base.........


Iraq condemns Turkish attacks

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraq's Kurdish regional government on Monday dispatched a team to survey the bombarded swath of northern Iraq where Turkish jets pounded targets identified as Kurdish separatist lairs and expressed concern that civilians have been caught in the crossfire........

Iranian Regime Arrests Two Kurdish Women

TEHRAN, Dec 17, 2007 (AFP) - Iran has charged two women's rights activists with taking part in "terrorist" actions and belonging to a militant Kurdish separatist group, an investigating judge said on Sunday.
Ronak Safarzadeh and Hana Abdi were "arrested for acting against national security by taking part in attacks in Sanandaj and for being members of the militant group PJAK," the official IRNA agency quoted the judge as saying........

Turkish planes bomb villages inside northern Iraq

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq  - Turkish planes bombed villages inside northern Iraq on Sunday targeting Kurdish rebels in at least the second such operation this month even as Ankara held back from launching a ground assault........

Between 20 and 30 students, including those named above, are being detained without charge mostly in

Between 20 and 30 students, including those named above, are being detained without
 charge mostly in Tehran but also other cities, following scores of demonstrations and mass student sit-ins linked to Iran's national University Student Day, 7 December. They may be prisoners of conscience, detained solely for exercising their right to freedom of expression and association, and it is feared that they could be tortured or otherwise ill-treated in detention........

PKK Calls for a Democratic Solution to Kurdish issue

This week, PKK leaders have again responded to the calls by several politicians who are requesting a political solution to the decades-long  conflict between PKK guerillas and the Turkish military. The KONGRA-GEL  released an official declaration reiterating their desire for  negotiations with the Turkish government.......


Kurdish Students Arrested After Tehran Protest

Tehran, 11 Dec. (AKI) - Four Kurdish students, who called for human rights for their ethnic group at a university protest, have been arrested in Iran.
Mohammad Saleh Abuman, Farshad Doostipour, Javad Alizadeh and Sohrab Karimi, spoke in support of human rights for ethnic Kurds during a protest that drew 1500 young people at the University of Tehran on Sunday........

The Terrorist State Of Turkey Seeks Jail For 54 Kurdish Mayors

Reuters, Dec 12, 2007- Turkish state prosecutors demanded jail sentences yesterday for 54 mayors in southeastern Turkey for suggesting that jailed leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK), Abdullah Ocalan, may have been poisoned.........


Terrorist Freed In Germany Is Welcomed By Tehran

There once was a well-known restaurant in central Berlin called Mykonos. Its Greek fare was said to be good, but it is now remembered for an altogether different reason: on the site of the former restaurant is a plaque -- to which Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad personally objected -- that lists three Iranian-Kurdish leaders who were "murdered [here in 1992] by the then-rulers of Iran. They died fighting for freedom and human rights........


New report on minorities' quest for equality in Turkey

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Millions of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities remain unrecognized by the Turkish state, face discrimination and are now increasingly under threat as a result of a growing wave of violent nationalism, Minority Rights Group says in a new report.......

Resolutions of the Fourth International Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds

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The Fourth International Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds - Monday 3rd -Tuesday 4th December 2007, European Parliament, Brussels

Pursuant to the presentation of Conference papers and interventions made by delegates, this Conference adopted the following declarations and calls for action to be undertaken by relevant parties to the conflict in the Kurdish Regions of Turkey.........





























What is CHAK, and
what are its objectives?


A request for an annual academic magazine on mass killings and genocide committed against the Kurds



Stop the bombardment on innocent Kurdish villagers


Don't let the Iranian regime execute journalists: Adnan and Hiwa

Remove the Lausanne treaty’s denial policy and replace it with an acceptance policy

We condemn the genocide of the defenseless people of Darfur

Anfal: The Kurdish Genocide in Iraq

The Ali Hassan Al-Majid Tapes

Anfal Victims Feel Forgotten


An Awful Truth Sinks In

The Spoils





ناوه‌ندی هه‌ڵه‌بجه‌ دژ به‌ ئه‌نفالکردن و ژینۆسایدکردنی گه‌لی کورد (چاك) 
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